Amanda O'brien


Amanda O'Brien Photo

My goal as a psychiatric care provider is to offer holistic and high-quality care that addresses your mental and emotional well-being comprehensively. I strongly believe in the importance of attentive and clear communication to help you achieve overall wellness.

I earned my Master’s in Nursing from Walden University and hold Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Psychology, which provide me with a well-rounded understanding of mental health care. My areas of focus include adolescent, adult, and geriatric psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and clinical practice.

Before becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I gained valuable experience as a Registered Nurse in various psychiatric healthcare settings, working with diverse populations such as adolescents, adults, and geriatric individuals. I dedicated a significant portion of my career to working with inpatient Alzheimer’s/Dementia geriatric populations, developing expertise in providing specialized care for these patients.

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